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Maple and WI-FI spring fantasy

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Finally spring has come! Following awakening nature around, I felt spring fever of my wildest fantasies inside. I dream about a good spanking! A burning birching with fresh and young flexible twigs!

I lie down on the nightstand and fantasize… My new punishment nightstand is as comfortable as a massage table. So I was not stressed, my body becomes weightless. My feet tied with a rope and hangs also fixed to the nightstand. The wooden elements of the construction do not cut into my flesh because of special soft cushions...

These cushions are everywhere, where my body rests on my spanking-pedestal. Although most of my movements are restricted, my body begins to be filled with the warmth of anticipation of something beautiful and a little forbidden. Forbidden applies rather to the prevailing public opinion than something illegal.

In front of my eyes is the monitor of my beloved tablet, which shows me Wi-Fi transmitted image from the camera that is pointed at my ass, which is going to be spanked. I can even see someone who may whip me. I will not miss a single episode of the upcoming procedure. I wish I could be able to change camera angles. I wonder if peeping over the procedure of self-birching in real time will help me to perceive the pain easier? Maybe it`ll be not so sharp and overwhelming? I feel more and more excited.

Next to me I can see the exposition of rods, prepared for the forthcoming whipping session. There are all my favorite sorts. Some birch, some willow, some twigs soaked in salt water to become more flexible and heavy, and of course - my beloved hazel. Some thicker twigs are singles, and some thinner are in bundles. Everything is neatly sorted. Each lot is in separate container...

A thick maple rod lies balancing across my ass. There are only 6 twigs of that kind, and maybe not all of them will be used in the course of correction. Once in February I drew attention to such rod when walking the dog in the forest... and so – it is next to me ready to use. The rod looks terrible. Some chilling horror comes from this rod over the warmth of my back... what makes me fever...

Yes, birching must turn great. The phantom of whipping is in the air - here it will begin chilling and long-awaited. The phones should be turn off. The windows shuttered... Nothing should bother us...

I abruptly shook my ass to throw off the horrible maple twig, and my fantasy disappeared! I checked new nightstand, everything OKEY! ULTIMATELY, Will punish not ME!!! I shall turn the buttocks disposed on this nightstand RED and HOT!!!

I do apologize for my poor English retelling of the original version. Улыбаюсь

I hope, next photos help You to get proper mood...

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