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Plein air... the episode first.

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In principle, this is my first experience of birching in the "plein air". The fantasy appeared long ago, when the forest was covered with snow. I carefully thought of details, and virtual reality was becoming more substantial and gradually turned into concrete plan...

At least the birching was scheduled for late May, but was postponed due to chilly rainy weather. But in June was the first true summer day and we immediately went to the forest. The first thing to do – was to put on mosquito repellent and it helped, otherwise all my plans of such spanking must fail. Mosquitoes continued to attack, but not so active, though, my dog muzzle sometimes accumulated to several dozen midges!

The rod to collect around was exclusive, they literally just appealed – Take me! Me! I am the best! And I quickly ran through the meadow that we have chosen as our scene. Twigs of hazel that I cut were 5 feet long or so, as I wanted, and a little thinner than my pinkie tip at the end. They were quite "scratchy" and my Bottom squeal for real – it was evident that the pain was very sensitive. Juicy ass covered with thick blue stripes that, unfortunately, on pictures and videos lose their shocking colors and swells in the shadows from whispering leaves... and the camera I have set is not too well – aiming at the sun. Probably these technical mistakes were the result of little agitation during the preparation procedures, I`ll consider such things to avoid in the future. Long rod required a different approach. The "shoulder" strokes were not effective, the rod bent in flight and smoothed the shock, but I quickly realized that if a fraction of a second before hitting it sharply to slow down, then the tip inertia will shoot back, stinging buttocks even harder! The first series of strikes generally failed. My dog decided that I play with her, and maybe she thought I was a threat to my Bottom and tried to wrest the birch from my hands! The dog was sorted out quickly – tied to the birch tree opposite, and with great curiosity it watched the whole spanking session. It seemed she liked it.

The strokes with long rods are very different, even on the slow motion video: the tip bites into the ass and then like a few times biting it again. It happens in just a few frames – a matter of seconds! Standard rod tip hits once and bounces away instead. This "aftertaste" is not observed. Not without the so called girdling bites – when the rod tip kisses tender skin, what is not expected. The couple of such misses came to the hip close to stomach area. I think it`s reasonable, when spanking with long rods one should be facing the Bottom. The rod should be placed 25-30 cm to the rod-tip on the hip-side, for the rod to wrap around the hip to place the full strength of this "girdling bite" to the center of the buttocks.

The ass area was the only part of the body, free from anti-mosquito repellent to welcome these guests. And gnats swarmed around. Twice I managed to print mosquitos into the buttocks with my rod, it was exact hit in the purpose, in other cases, it just flew away.

This was the shortest spanking in my practice. No more than 150 strokes. Quite few droplets of blood, and a pair of notchings  streaks – nothing really serious. I deliberately did not flog more in order to keep the buttocks of my Bottom ready for another spanking session as soon as possible. We enjoyed this session indeed and both look forward to continue such experiences.

In General spanking outdoors is something special. The forest creates a magical aura and seemed to be involved in the Action. It seems that all the trees around turned silent to follow our emotions, absorbing our clogged energy, filter it and fill us back with pure positive vitality. This is a completely new experience, and maybe that's why I didn't dictate my rules. But it seemed to me that the forest was not against our episode, and the next spanking will be necessarily harder and more selfless...

stills from the video

To be continued...

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