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My birch

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a variety of rodsI accept spanking only with the rods. Why? My opinion, the rod is eco-friendly, disposable device. It is hygienic. Rods combine the flexibility and sufficient strength. If they are reasonably prepared and used, it is possible to deliver stinging pain without any harmful effects to the body, because of their surface reaction. Even there exists an opinion that they can treat, and immoderate dose stimulate the efficiency of skin regeneration...

The photo on the left shows the variety of rods for standard procedure of a good whipping. Green – willow, peeled – nut, with notches on the brown handle – ash, and with a darker handle is birch.

I will continually add new aspects of this material, because I really like the classic Russian natural rod. Of course, I do not deny other people taste to other devices. I am just expressing my point of view... Улыбаюсь Do not consider my experience wise to follow, just read…Улыбаюсь

Rods may be different: the nutwood, willow, towering mountain ash, birch etc. Mostly it depends on what is typical for the surrounding area. My favorite are those of nutwood (hazel). In our climate zone, nutwood gives top quality products for spanking. In addition, I have no problem, to get such rods in the desired quantity in any nearby forest. There are plenty varieties of nutwood and I can hardly identify my favorite among this variety of types. I always choose fresh annual shoots. In the summer, these shoots are relatively short, green and brittle. Perfect rods from nutwood – autumn and winter. It has straight, long (up to 2.5 meters) and smooth twigs. They are quite durable, weighty and are initially ideal for a good whipping, not even soaked. However at the same time, the tips of these rods are still relatively brittle, it will gain birching quality only at the end of next spring. Therefore, I cut from such long rod suitable middle fragment, with my garden shears, which I appreciate for a nice future rod. The length of the final rod shrinks to 34-36 inches. In the tip of my rod is usually about 3-4 mm. Thus for each dozen of this size rods I will prepare one-two pieces with 5-6 mm in the tip! For exclusive stokes! So called “six of the best”. Улыбаюсь

Nutwood rods Nutwood rods Nutwood rods

Nutwood rods

I always cut much longer twig workpiece, to make the exact parameters later at home.

To flog with fresh rods is a special charm! It would be a painful procedure, but it is quite tolerable. With beautiful stripes and easy to get scrapes. If you soak fresh rods, scald them with boiling water and leave in salt water for a day, they become extremely flexible, like a rubber cord. Strikes delivered by such rods are particularly painful. Although it will be more difficult to achieve scrapes with blood with them. The rods can be stored for future use – drying. Do not put a wet rod in storage in an enclosed space for a long time, such as a tube or case. You risk them get moldy. It is optimal to keep the rod dry. They will restore your gorgeous “whipping” quality, if you soak them and steam. In a day the rods achieve the perfect condition, and it is pointless to keep them in the water longer. The rods, that had been soaked at least for two hours may be steamed. Soak in hot water directly to the dry rod is not a good choice. After mighty strokes, such rod may break in unexpected places. Good solution to soak the rods in the salt water. Salt has as a good disinfection and preservative result. It doesn`t humper healing of scrapes, though bring specific warmth to the buttocks just after birching. Interesting spanking result bring the rods, that were soaked a short time - 2-3 hours. I call these rods “scratching”. They are amazingly good for applying light bloody skin scratches.

I think, that for The Above a good length of rod is equal to the distance from his (her) neck to the fingertips of an outstretched hand. When whipping with such a rod, it is possible to achieve the greatest virtuosity. The rod, like ski poles under for skier must be a certain size for each individual The Above.

Preparing the Rods Preparing the Rods Preparing the Rods
Preparing the rods is quite a troublesome work. You need to define the "body" of a future rod, sort them by size, cut off the kidneys. Sometimes I remove the skin from the rod body. Then, I shape them into bundles for storage, so that when drying the rods remain straight.

Such rods, in my opinion, optimal for very serious birching. You can stoke on the buttocks and upper thighs It almost impossible to injure The Below, even if you flog him for a long time with a full force. Spanking can be up to blood, but still it will be superficial, and the rod will act as a limiter of excessive exposure. They will just break. I deliberately use the thicker rods for some special occasions only and very limited. It doesn`t matter how strong is The Above for the severity of spanking – all depends on the thickness of the rod used!

Choosing the rod, you would define the limit of impact forces on the buttocks of your Below in the process of whipping. Choosing longer, thicker rods, you increase this limit. No technique of whipping will be able to exceed this limit. Weaker whipping - Yes always possible... Улыбаюсь

I like to flog enthusiastically, so always choose rods according to my fantasies. I prefer long spankings. So I never regret the time spent on the cleaning of my Rods – thoroughly cutting over their workspace all kidneys and other burrs that may inevitably increase the force of impact and reduce the duration of the procedure.

Soaked dry-rods from the storage with completely purified skin are the most painful!

Willow rods are very interesting device for birching also. Their composition and structure seems to be ideal for whipping – a good reason for their popularity. Willow trees in nature have even more varieties than hazel. Unfortunally not all of the existing willows produce rods long enough to be suitable for whipping. We have the shore of all nearby waters in the area overgrown with willow. Nevertheless, none of these willow branches suit for whipping. Only one willow with fantastic twigs I have found in my region. I transplanted it in my garden. Specifically for whipping. In the winter, we cut with a saw the trunk, and by mid-September, it grows up to 200 great long rods! In the fall, these rods are quite delicate. Upon impact their epidermis light green stripes sticks to the buttocks. This definitely has a special charm. They break with a loud bang, if striked very sharply and with a quick draw aside. The birching sounds theatrically terrible, though the real impact on the buttocks is rather soft. I adore flogging with such rods. It is one of the exceptional cases, when I use longer and thicker rods. They are loud, like firecrackers, though more gentle, than a regular hazel. If they are stored for future use, they greatly shrink in thickness, and then, being soaked, and swell less strongly. The generosity of soaked willow significantly disappears, they become angry, penetrating everywhere and biting. Willow rods fun to use in turn with those of hazel. Especially exciting spanking turns out, when you birch together with your partner at a time, willow and hazel rods from opposite sides of the ass. When whipping with willow rods, chips and slivers often sticks in the ass when the rods break. Улыбаюсь

Willow rods Willow rods Willow rods
Willow rods

Birch, Rowan and wild cherry, are excellent for spanking as well. That stuff is more exclusive. To get these rods of good quality and in desired quantity is more difficult. Despite the fact that these trees are very common, to find one suitable twig for a nice rod is much more difficult than to produce ten times a greater quantity of hazel. Straight twigs of the desired length are rare. Moreover, even if you find the right one, you have to clean off not only the kidneys, but also many very traumatic little twigs. It is all quite time consuming. To spank with raw birch rods, I find it unacceptable. To achieve bloody scratches with such rods is easy. These rods are heavier and less pliable, but they are indispensable in a good flogging, as a spicy dressing for a luxurious but somewhat bland dish. Such rods can paint beautiful purple to dark blue stripes over already red burning buttocks of your man. On the other hand, maybe he likes it that severe… Улыбаюсь

A variety of rods and their effect
My rods awaiting for birching. Mix. Some soaked in a tub of brine. Other that lie on the floor for two days soaked in plain water and now waiting for their "fate".
A variety of rods and their effect
Here you can see what the rods look like in the end of spanking. Here mix. Green – willow, lighter – hazel, dark – birch. If you look closely, you will see that the most brittle rods of this session are those of willow, followed by hazel, and the most resistant is birch.
A variety of rods and their effect
Well, for dessert. Do not think anything bad, my Below was highly pleased with this session, I also.
A variety of rods and their effect
The photo shows the approximate size of my rods: 5-6 mm at the tip. The thicker the rod (about 8 mm at the tip) is rarely used. Typically, there is only one "terrible" rod of that kind to counterweight 15-20 standard rods.

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