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Furniture & accessories for whipping

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Using special adaptations for fixing one during his/her flogging dramatically enhances the feeling of the procedure itself. Unfortunately, because of cramped living conditions, it is difficult to contain these special accessories. Initially, we started to do for ourselves transformers. For example, a bench with folding legs, that can be disassembled and stored under the bed, vertically in the closet and any other niche in a small apartment. We can model such future devices, based on the potential of the space sizes for storage.

трансформер для порки стоя трансформер для порки стоя

The basic device can be easily modified with the help of additional accessories, such as clamps for fixing feet during the flogging. Or sliding along the bench (a growth lower) pedestal, lifting and bending buttocks for more accurate stokes of the rod.

These clamps can be used with most other device, which is already available. You need only to drill two holes to fix it ...

A pedestal for the buttocks can be used in conjunction with a nightstand that of a conventional table easily rearranged into a special device for whipping.

These are just examples of individual products, which are convenient in our version. In any particular case, any individual options can be designed.

Interestingly rotating podium. It is made from two sheets of thick plywood, between which rollers. By setting on such a podium most whipping furniture, you can twist it and change better viewing angles for flogging.

All products are made of solid wood, furniture panels, accessories (rings, clips). Available leather interior, fetters & other fixing belts.

Indicative prices for goods (excluding delivery):

Скамья (лавка для порки) колодки деревянные для БДСМ Постаменты для фиксации крупа на лавке (тумбочке)

Bench (bench for flogging) - from 5 to 10 thousand rubles (approx.80-140$).

Clamps for feet, made of wood universal - from 4 to 6.5 thousand rubles (approx.60-100$).

A pedestal for fixing the croup on the bench (nightstand) - from 5 to 8 thousand rubles (approx. 80-120$).

Тумбочка для порки «в изгиб» (базовая конструкция)   Вращающийся подиум (диаметр 1 метр)

Nightstand spanking "to bend" (the basic design) - from 8 to 15 thousand rubles (approx. 120-220$).


Rotating podium (diameter 1 m) - 10 thousand rubles (approx. 140$).

Wood devices covered with stain standard colors (walnut, oak, birch, etc.). It can also be stylized for old shabby wood.

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