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New pedestal for the bench

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аксессуар для лавкиSpanking on the nightstand I prefer to a traditional Russian whipping on the bench. Though my partner likes to be whipped on the bench. For him it`s more comfortable. We decided to improve some additional accessory, to get a compromise. When flogging I like high ass position, so that it was bent, and strokes could be applied at different angles.

усовершенствованная лавкаOn the one hand the accessory should make the position of my punissable person convenient, on the other hand his fixing should provide a complete immobility, and the buttocks bended up at my favorite angle. The new pedestal for fixing the croup can slide alongside the bench to fit the best for the figure of one to be spanked.

Полочка для головы выдвижнаяThe configuration turned up to be the exactly what I wanted. I even tested the construction in January and was fully satisfied with the results.

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