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Warning: English version of this website differs a little from Russian one. Some materials may be missing.

Hello! I am Djeki, and I like the tradition of Traditional Russian birching…! If you like birching with the rod in Russian style, then you visited to the correct website theme!

I practice spanking with my partner (who is my husband) for over 10 years. During this time we have accumulated a unique experience, and we are pleased to share it with kindred spirit. We can provide the following assistance as well:

  • Produce specialized furniture and other accessories for whipping from wood. We do not mass-produced, but custom-made products on individual demand. Learn more
  • You can also shop unique author's watercolors and oil paintings (originals)… or just watch here ... You can also order a picture in your own conception according to your private fantasies. 

Welcome to my website!

PS/ I will be grateful if you let me know about the translation inaccuracies. Moreover, I do not feel accurate niceties in the difference between such special terms in English as whipping, flogging, spanking, birching… and more of BDSM… Улыбаюсь


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