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Traditional Russian birching

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In Russia corporal punishment were abolished at the beginning of the XX century. The most common moderate punishment was whipping one with rods, fixed to the bench. The rods were applied to the bare buttocks, rarely to the back of punished person.

The rods were the twigs, mostly of hazel, birch, willow, and other types of trees, common to Russian areal. Rattan and similar materials for cane were extraordinary rare. In comparison to rattan, the twigs were rather thin, no more than 4-5 mm at the far end of the rod. The main concept of such whipping was to bring sharp surface pain, without deep damage to the flesh. Even light blood is not a problem!

The used twigs are either fresh, or soaked, sometimes in salted water. Brine makes twigs much more flexible. It bites more, but injures skin less! Moreover, salt brings about warmth and excitation, not increases suffering. And it works as antiseptic!

Russian twigs are the disposable whipping device, what is quite hygienically!

All these features make Russian whipping with rods extremely attractive among those minorities, who like this BDSM pleasure. I am not an exception J.

To be continued….


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